French Country Garden

Looking for a new garden style? then go for French country garden. This garden style is one of the most popular style beside English country garden style. Through the ages, this style has been based on a focal point, be it a building or a pond, with the garden radiating from it on all sides. French country gardens are geometric by design, and consist of cross-points where paths intersect, much like the nave in a large Gothic church. Even when planned on a much smaller scale, French country gardens still retain the basic neatness and symmetry that made them appealing to the kings and queens of bygone eras. You can create a French country garden in a space as small as a patio or as large as your entire backyard. Although the French country garden takes a lot of maintenance work, the garden has plenty of variation. Each individual bed may follow its own theme with its own internal structure.

Beautiful French Country Garden

What kinds of plants exactly make up a French country garden? This is a garden style that allows you a certain amount of latitude in what you choose. But French country gardens basically are big on herbs that can be used in the kitchen and around the house. And they love wildflowers – poppies, violets and so on – flowers that are popular in the South of France. Flowers that are not wild – lavenders and sunflowers are pretty popular too. Gardens all over Provence in the south of France are never without lavenders, sunflowers and potted geraniums. Geraniums live in little potted plants close to the ground, and sunflowers tower above them. The fragrance of lavenders waft all over in the air and violets and poppies crowd all the areas left over. This creates a great wildflower appearance that tries to look unplanned. French country garden style basically revolve around bringing an appearance of wildness into your home garden. Round out your French garden with the functional herbs of rosemary and thyme and you should have a great appearance to your garden. There’s nothing to beat the natural wild look that nature prefers, the philosophy goes.

stunning french country gardenStunning French Country Garden

While a French country garden style can produce some pretty great effects, they aren’t for every part of the country. All of these are plants that need lots of sunlight to thrive. Not only do you need to live in a part of the country that receives a lot of sunlight reliably through the year, you need to pick a spot in your yard that can actually receive sunlight through the day. With the exception of sunflowers, you can probably even apply most parts of French country garden style to growing out flowers and herbs in little pots on the balcony if you live in an apartment.

lovely french country garden

Lovely French Country Garden

great french country garden

Great French Country Garden

clever french country garden

Clever French Country Garden

All you need is some light and an appreciation for the wildness of the French country gardening philosophy. What that philosophy basically sums up to is this: there is to be no overly-planned geometrical order anywhere, a garden needs to be functional as well as pretty, and there has to be use made of every inch of space. Lastly, you can also add water features. The use of water fountains means to add another pleasing dimension in both the sight and sound of moving water, or small ponds that reflect the surrounding beauty of the garden. A larger body of water is sometimes used as the garden’s axis around which the garden is constructed. In this way, French country gardens illustrate the relationship between plants and their need for water.

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clever french country garden , French Country Garden In  Category
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lovely french country garden , French Country Garden In  Category

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