Beautiful Asian Garden Plants

If you are redesigning your garden or building it from the ground up, try to adding a few Asian garden plants. Many Asian garden plants are hardy in the climates of North American and Europe. However, Asian garden plants are similar to those found in the eastern part of the United States. If you decide to try, there are many different types of Asian plants that you can use to create a beautiful garden. And below are some examples of them.

Examples of Asian Garden Plants

Here are several examples of Asian garden plants. Bamboo is a beautiful green plant that is easy to care for and grows rapidly. Bamboo grows in two different ways, either new sprouts grow from spreading rhizomes or clumps of new stems form around the original planting. The bamboo stem resembles a pole and the leaves look like a three-fingered hand. There are many different varieties of bamboo, some able to grow over 100 feet tall. Bamboo is very durable and it is used to make many different types of things including furniture, bed sheets and cooking utensils. Then, acer palmatums, commonly called Japanese maples, are small trees and shrubs native to Japan and Korea. Popular in the landscape settings, Japanese maples have small, delicate leaves that take on shades of deep red, maroon, gold and bronze in the fall. Mature trees and shrubs grow 10 to 25 feet tall. Japanese maples prefer dappled shade and protection from hot summer sun and cold winter winds. This plant is hardy in USDA planting zones 5 to 8.

bamboo asian garden plantsBamboo Asian Garden Plants

Lilium lancifolium, commonly called the tiger lily, is a flowering bulb native to China. The bright flowers emerge in the spring and summer from the bulbous root system. Lilies prefer bright sun and deep, humus-rich soil with good drainage. The bulbs are planted in the fall two to three times the depth of the bulb. The foliage and flowers are cut back in the late fall. A 6-inch layer of mulch will protect the bulbs from freezing. Another example of Asian garden plants are bonsai trees. A bonsai tree is a beautiful addition to any Asian garden. A bonsai can be shaped from any of a variety of different kinds of trees by artfully pruning and training the tree. Some popular bonsai species include ficus and Chinese elm. They are cultivated as miniature trees, usually planted in a shallow dish. Bonsai trees must be cared for meticulously with a small amount of well-draining soil and careful watering and feeding. The bonsai will provide a sculptural focal point for your Asian garden.

stunning asian garden plants

Stunning Asian Garden Plants

pretty japanese maple asian garden plants

Pretty Japanese Maple Asian Garden Plants

green asian garden plants

Green Asian Garden Plants

The Japanese climbing fern is a perennial that is native to Eastern Asia. This fern grows like a vine and can reach heights of up to 90 feet. The vines are thin and they change colors in the fall from green to orange and then to black. The plant dies back in the winter months. It is considered an invasive plant in parts of the United States. Well, these were some examples for you. After all, with Asian garden plants you can create a tranquil space, where people can relax, find inner peace and please their souls with the beauty of nature in your garden.

bamboo asian garden plants , Beautiful Asian Garden Plants In  Category
green asian garden plants , Beautiful Asian Garden Plants In  Category
pretty japanese maple asian garden plants , Beautiful Asian Garden Plants In  Category
stunning asian garden plants , Beautiful Asian Garden Plants In  Category

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