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A person who is in love with the past when things were associated with beauty and grace will always like the Victorian style furniture. Victorian style furniture encompasses many different styles, with later movements in rebellion against characteristics of the earlier ones. Today, we will gives you some information about Victorian style furniture. Find more in the following paragraphs, hopefully these below information useful for you.

Victorian Style Furniture Information

Victorian style furniture was produced during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The British empire was constantly expanding; Victoria was declared Empress of India in 1876. The mood in Britain during this era began with confidence and optimism, leading to an economic boom, but by the end of the period, doubts about Britain’s place in the world were increasing, according to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Meanwhile, the rise of the middle class due to the Industrial Revolution and increased mechanization of production had an effect on how furniture was made. Then, to identifying, look for thick, darkly colored woods with ornate carvings, high-tone gloss, richly carved silhouettes and as many flourishes and ornaments as the surface of a piece of furniture would allow.

elegant  victorian style furniture

Elegant  Victorian Style Furniture

Curators love to use the word “imposing” when describing Victorian style furniture because the sheer size and weight of pieces were formidable, designed to give the appearance of being owned by the wealthy. Mahogany and rosewood were popular and rich colors, intensified by layering high-gloss lacquers over stained wood were highly desired. Comfort was an important consideration for purchasers who wanted their homes to be gracious reflections of their financial health, so velvet cushions and brocade sofa fabric were often coordinated with velvet drapes for maximum impact.

The Gothic Revival style belongs to the period circa 1830-1860, with furniture characterized by design features such such as arches, quatrefoils, trefoils, spires and crockets. Rococo Revival (c. 1840-1865) furniture includes French-influenced high-style furniture with design features such as naturalistic flowers, shells and fruit, C-scrolls and S-scrolls, and sinewy curved lines. Common Rococo Revival furniture used walnut wood, while rosewood was used for top-end pieces. Renaissance Revival (c. 1860-1890) furniture uses masculine arches, cartouches, animal and human figures, inlaid panels, burl panels, gilt incising and ormulu mounts, according to Collectors Weekly.

The later Victorian era saw a rebellion against mass-produced, machine-made furniture. The English designer William Morris started the Arts and Crafts Movement in 1861 in an effort to improve the Victorian public’s tastes by returning to medieval-style craftsmanship. Followers of Morris started the Aesthetic Movement in the 1880s and incorporated the influence of the newly discovered arts of Japan, according to Antique Marks.

great  victorian style furniture

Great  Victorian Style Furniture

amazing  victorian style furniture

Amazing  Victorian Style Furniture

stunning  victorian style furniture

Stunning  Victorian Style Furniture

The Eastlake Movement was named after Charles L. Eastlake (1833-1906), an English architect whose book “Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details” was extremely popular in its 1872 American reprinting, explains Buffalo Architecture and History. Furniture of the Eastlake and Aesthetic Movement (c. 1880-1890) is less showily complicated than the other Victorian styles, featuring stylized natural elements, rectangular forms and severe lines. Finer pieces may feature marquetry, inlay and veneering, according to Collectors Weekly. These were some information about Victorian style furniture. With our busy and stressful lives today, by having this furniture, you can at least cherish those sweet moments that passed by long ago.

amazing  victorian style furniture , Victorian Style Furniture for The Home In  Category
elegant  victorian style furniture , Victorian Style Furniture for The Home In  Category
great  victorian style furniture , Victorian Style Furniture for The Home In  Category
stunning  victorian style furniture , Victorian Style Furniture for The Home In  Category

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