Maintain White Sofa

A white sofa can update any room with a modern, elegant style. A white sofa can transform your living room into an elegant living space, also adding a sense of cleanliness. However, dirt and stains visibly show up on white couches, which require frequent cleaning or maintaining. If you spill on your white sofa, or notice dirt or other grime on it, treat stains immediately. Apply foam cleanser and vacuum thoroughly to clean. It is not difficult to maintain a white sofa if you use the proper solutions and techniques.

How to Maintain White Sofa

Hera are steps you can follow to maintain your white sofa. Stains or spillages need to be removed as soon as it takes place. The longer stains remain on the sofa, the harder it will be to remove them. Place layers of kitchen papers to remove excess stains from the upholstery as soon as spillage occurs. Do not rub or wipe the spillage excessively or you may end up spreading the stain. Take a damp clean cloth, preferably a white coloured one, and start blotting the stain with water. If water is insufficient to remove the stain, blot the stain with little amount of dishwashing detergent or shampoo. Then rinse again by blotting the cleaned spot with a clean damp cloth. Blow dry the damp spot till thoroughly dry.

white sofa furniture house

White Sofa Furniture House

Food and beverage stains are common stains found on sofa seats. Some of these stains contain food coloring that can potentially cause permanent marks on your sofa especially if they are left unattended for a long time. Also, rotate your sofa set once a month if facing the sun to prevent unbalanced discoloration from sunlight. Cover the fabric furniture with slipcover if you are holding party to minimize direct staining. Minimize activities that may potentially leave stains when using the upholstered furniture e.g. writing, nail polishing, eating, drinking, etc.

Vacuum sofa frames, seats and cushions weekly to remove embedded dirt. Removing accumulated dust and dirt in the fabric upholstery not only helps to improve indoor air quality. Accumulated dust and dirt on the sofa fabric may darken the upholstery, causing the fabric or upholstery to look dull and dirty. Leather sofa should be wiped bi-weekly to minimize stains caused by body grease and dirt. Do not attempt using cleaning products from DIY stores if you are unsure. Many off the shelves cleaning products do not contain sufficient cleaning instructions and may contain chemicals that are not suitable for your sofa. If in doubt, always check back with the shop manager where you bought your sofa set from.

white sofa chairs

White Sofa Chairs

good white sofa

Good White Sofa

awesome white sofa

Awesome White Sofa

Engage professional sofa cleaning service yearly, or more frequently, depending on usage and soiling condition. Professional cleaning service is needed to thoroughly clean and refreshes the upholstery, especially if there are stains that need to be removed. These were some steps to maintain a white sofa. White is the most elegant of all colors. Anything in white looks very soothing to the eyes. This color generates a delightful atmosphere. Follow these above maintain steps will make your white sofa always look very graceful.

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