Functional Small Kitchen Table

Are you one of those people who lives in a home with a small dining area and you really need a good solution that doesn’t take up too much space – but still has a bit of style. Here’s for good solution, choose small kitchen table. Small kitchen tables can also be a great addition into your home. There are so many ideas of small kitchen table that great to complement your small kitchen. Mentioned below are some good ideas of small kitchen table, that not just give you a solution for small spaces, but also stylish.

Ideas of Functional Small Kitchen Table for Small Kitchen

For the seriously small kitchen, the wall-mounted table is the most practical way to have a table and save space too. Commercial wall-mount tables are available, but if your budget is as small as your kitchen, make your own using an old tabletop, extra-large cutting board or a drafting board mounted to the wall with a piano hinge. A platform 24 inches by 32 inches will easily hold two place settings. Use chains affixed to the wall and the tabletop to hold it in position, or fasten a vertically hinged swivel support beneath it. Let your table do double duty by affixing a blackboard on the backside of the table to serve as a notice board when in the upright position. Then, if you ordinarily eat alone, but like to have the option for a larger table occasionally, buy or build stacking tables of the same dimensions. When guests are expected, unstack and arrange the tables as one large table. Cut a square of lightweight acrylic or plywood to the dimensions that will cover the tables when pushed together. Lay that on top and cover with a tablecloth for a more unified effect.

great small kitchen table

Great Small Kitchen Table

Folding tables are another ideas of small kitchen table for you. This table provide versatility if you require a small eating space on a daily basis but occasionally entertain or have family for dinner. Drop-leaf tables have hinged edges that fold down to safe space and open to provide additional surface area when you need it. Drop-leaf tables tend to be more traditional, pedestal-style tables. If your tastes are more modern, build a custom table that folds down on a hinge from a wall in your kitchen. When you need the floor space, the table folds flat against the walls but opens to provide an eating space when it’s time to dine. For even more functionality, cover the underside of the table with photographs or cork board so that the surface is decorative or useful when the table is stowed against the wall.

awesome small kitchen table

Awesome Small Kitchen Table

wall mounted small kitchen table

Wall Mounted Small Kitchen Table

white small kitchen table

White Small Kitchen Table

Students or anyone needing study space may want to consider combining dining and work areas to maximize the small space available for each. A sturdy desk with large side drawers is ideal. Use one drawer for papers, pencils and other study needs, and use another for place settings, table linens and so on. Well, these were some small table ideas for your small kitchen area. Keep in mind, when choosing the right small kitchen table, consider your available space, style preferences and functional needs. Accurate measurements of your kitchen space are useful when you begin to shop for small tables. After all, small kitchen table is absolutely great addition for your small space. They are relatively inexpensive and can give you a cozy look, get your family eating together, and provide extra working space. Now that is definitely make this purchase well worth the money you spend.

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