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Outdoor furniture makes relaxing in your outdoor space more enjoyable. One of the most preferred outdoor furniture is outdoor sofa. And there are a great number of designs and materials  of outdoor sofa available. You can choose what the best for your outdoor space. Look for this outdoor furniture at any home design stores and see different kinds where you can select your desired outdoor furniture.

House Outdoor Sofa for Outdoor Spaces

Here are several the best outdoor sofa according the materials for your outdoor space. The majority of outdoor sofas available have wicker frames, which come in a variety of colors and are beautiful displayed in any garden. Wicker frames are usually treated to make them weather-resistant. Wicker made of synthetic materials or bamboo are the most durable. Overall, wicker is lighter, more comfortable, more flexible, and cheaper than solid wood or metal, but it is more prone to suffering from extreme heat and humidity and mildew growth. Take into consideration your local climate when choosing your outdoor furniture.

pretty outdoor sofa

Pretty Outdoor Sofa

Then another best outdoor sofa according material is wooden sofa. Most wooden sofas are made of teak, which is an exceptionally dense wood great for outdoor use because of its durability and natural water resistance. Though attractive and shiny when new, teak wood will change in appearance within the first year, becoming weathered and silver-gray. Many people like this natural rustic look, but it is important to know what to expect before buying. If you prefer the original shiny golden look, products are available that will keep your teak furniture looking brand new if applied often enough. Another high-quality, weather-resistant wood is selunsar, which is very similar to teak wood. An advantage of selunsar wood is that it works as a natural insect repellent.

Metal frames are also a possibility for outdoor sofas. A bit more costly, they are sturdier and longer-lasting than their wooden counterparts. Their surfaces are generally treated to resist rusting, so they fare well through various types of weather. Aluminum is the cheapest and lightest of the available metal frames. Wrought iron is another option; it is much heavier and has a charming, old-fashioned look to it. Its great if strong winds are frequent in your area, but avoid wrought iron if you plan on moving your sofa around. Stainless steel is a third option; it is weather-resistant with an average weight.

blue outdoor sofa

Blue Outdoor Sofa

great outdoor sofa

Great Outdoor Sofa

Or you also choose cushions for your outdoor space. Depending on whether you intend on bringing your cushions inside when not in use or always leaving them out, a few options are available as far as different materials. The most softest and most comfortable materials are acrylic, olefin, and spun polyester. PVC is a more durable material, but it feels stiff. These materials are all water resistant and stain, mildew, and fade resistant. Regardless, it is recommended not to leave cushions out in full sun for long periods of time. These were some of the best outdoor sofas for your outdoor space. Finally, as along as any outdoor sofa fits your taste and helps in keeping you composed and hassle-free, it would still be just the right kind of background for you.

pretty outdoor sofa , Comfortable Outdoor Sofa In  Category
blue outdoor sofa , Comfortable Outdoor Sofa In  Category
great outdoor sofa , Comfortable Outdoor Sofa In  Category

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