Warm Mediterranean Patio Ideas

If you want to decorating your patio with something sunny look and fresh, then choose Mediterranean style. The Mediterranean region refers to the geographical areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. From Spain and Morocco to Greece and Turkey, the Mediterranean is known for warm nights, warm landscapes and fertile farmlands. Though no single description can adequately relate the decorating style of all of these countries, the term “Mediterranean style” captures a relaxed, colorful and sun-loving decor that can easily be replicated on your home patio. There are some Mediterranean patio ideas that available in the internet or magazine. But for ease, you don’t have to search it again, because in this article we will give you some great Mediterranean patio ideas that you can imitate. READ ON.

Great Mediterranean Patio Ideas

Start Mediterranean patio ideas with terra cotta. Terra cotta pots function as receptacles for plants, decorations, and even as the base of small tables. Place several pots around the patio area and between chairs. Buy the large, jug-shaped pots with curvaceous handles, typical in Greece and Italy. If you enjoy crafts or want to add color to the space, paint the pots bright, bold colors in red, yellow and blue to add a Spanish flair. Then go for small plants. Herbs are aromatic, attractive and low maintenance. Grow rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano and lavender in large pots. These herbs do best in sunny areas of the patio. Also ensure their soil is well drained. If you live in a region similar to the Mediterranean, like Southern California, purchase and grow plants and trees commonly found in Greece, Italy or Spain. This includes citrus trees, olive trees and skyrocket juniper trees.

amazing mediterranean patio ideas

Amazing Mediterranean Patio Ideas

Another great Mediterranean patio ideas for your patio is use wrought iron. Many homes in the Mediterranean region are adorned with wrought iron. This metal design appears on doors, windows and patios. If your patio is in an enclosed space, replace the door with an ornately-designed wrought iron door. Or, enclose the patio space by using wrought iron fencing. Also, place several terra cotta plants in tall wrought iron plant holders. On the walls of the patio, place wrought iron candleholders. Or, select patio furniture like tables and chairs with frames made from this type of iron.

great mediterranean patio ideas

Great Mediterranean Patio Ideas

awesome mediterranean patio ideas

Awesome Mediterranean Patio Ideas

mediterranean patio ideas with fireplace

Mediterranean Patio Ideas With Fireplace

Installing a fountain in the backyard is one way to add some Mediterranean Old World charm. Choose an elaborate, tiered fountain made from concrete or limestone. Pick a color that best matches the exterior of the home. Fountain colors available include chocolate brown, tan, white and bronze. If a fountain is too high maintenance and exceeds your budget, an alternative is a bird bath that looks like the first tier of a fountain. Lastly, many Mediterranean patios are courtyard areas laid with large stone slabs or small tiles that form beautifully-shaped mosaics. Many materials are available to create a tiled patio space: travertine, limestone, quartzite and marble are just a few options. Also, choose tables with a tile mosaic top. These were some ideas for you. After all, choose Mediterranean style can make your patio become offer such an inviting environment that many homeowners would like to recreate one in their home landscaping.

amazing mediterranean patio ideas , Warm Mediterranean Patio Ideas In  Category
awesome mediterranean patio ideas , Warm Mediterranean Patio Ideas In  Category
great mediterranean patio ideas , Warm Mediterranean Patio Ideas In  Category
mediterranean patio ideas with fireplace , Warm Mediterranean Patio Ideas In  Category

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