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Relaxing and socializing outdoors is a pastime you really enjoy. You have a pool, flowers, fire pit, water features and seating. Now all you need to complete your outdoor experience is a pool bar. Your pool bar should provide all that you need without you making too much effort. If you decide to build a pool bar, then you will need some pool bar design ideas. Well, you are just in the right page. Mentioned below are some great pool bar design ideas only for you. Take these ideas and build a pool bar that can make your stay as comfortable as possible while you simply relax in your swimming pool area.

 awesome pool bar designAwesome Pool Bar Design

Good Swimming Pool Bar Design Ideas

The number one pool bar design is using bamboo. Bamboo is resilient and strong — a natural choice for the outdoors, especially near water due to its inherent water resistance. If you can’t find a bamboo bar available commercially, purchase or build a basic bar frame, and create a fence of thin bamboo poles or sheets of bamboo laminate around the outside. Use thicker bamboo poles to support a lightweight awning over the bar for shade, and complete the look with bamboo cutlery, coasters, cutting boards and serving utensils. For glassware, choose tall, irregular styles reminiscent of the bamboo plant, and look for thick glass for sturdiness since the bar will be in a recreational area.

pretty pool bar designPretty Pool Bar Design

Create a shady social space, and protect your poolside bar by setting up a large cabana near the pool. Inside, place a commercially-available fold-out bar unit that includes glass racks, bottle storage and drink preparation supplies. Set up several indoor/outdoor chaise lounges along the edges of the cabana, and add two or three metal bar stools with weather-resistant cushions in front of the bar. Stash a mini-fridge behind the bar area as well as a coffee maker or hot water kettle for warm mixed drinks to take the chill of the pool away. Line the cabana roof, inside and out, with decorative string lights for a festive atmosphere. Keep your bar well stocked with bottled water unless plumbing is available.

great pool bar designGreat Pool Bar Design

amazing great pool bar designAmazing Great Pool Bar Design

Then, to create a sleek, modern outdoor pool bar design, you can using copper pipes and fittings for a frame. Top the bar with brushed aluminum or steel, bolted in place with large steel carriage bolts that fit through the copper pipe. Supply your bar with stainless steel, including brushed steel shot glasses, utensils and tumblers. Add more copper piping along the bottom of the bar frame to support a small stainless steel refrigerator. If your plumbing skills are up to it, fit the bar top with a small stainless steel sink or a copper bowl-type sink with a removable connection to your garden hose. For storage, create another copper and brushed steel frame that stands behind the bar unit with shelves for drinks and glasses. Connect the two with copper pipes for added sturdiness. The all-metal construction will weather well in most climates.  Well, these were just a few design ideas to build your pool bar. Hope it will gives you a new inspiration. Cheers!

amazing great pool bar design , Swimming Pool Bar Design In  Category
awesome pool bar design , Swimming Pool Bar Design In  Category
great pool bar design , Swimming Pool Bar Design In  Category
pretty pool bar design , Swimming Pool Bar Design In  Category

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