Stunning Decorative Outdoor Patio Lights

There is nothing better than to sit back and enjoy a barbecue or a dinner party on your deck with family and friends. Have you considered the variety of outdoor patio lights that is available to make your patio a very special place? These outdoor patio lights are warm and can create ambient. Then, another great thing about outdoor patio lights is that you can be creative. There are no rules and you have an amazing backdrop to set the lights against: the outdoors.

Stunning Outdoor Patio Lights

There are different types of outdoor patio lights available, some that can be exposed to the elements more than others can. One option that many people forget about is candles. Yes, candles are a great way to add some spark to your lighting scheme outside. They are very affordable and can help to set a relaxing or romantic mood. If using candles outdoors appeals to you then make sure you find fixtures to hold them and protect them from the wind. No point in using candles outdoors if they will just be snuffed out by a passing breeze.

 string outdoor patio lights

String Outdoor Patio Lights

Along the same line as candles are torches. Most torches will require a fuel source such as oil, but there are some that have you simply insert a candle. Torches provide a nice accent when used as tiki torches on a deck, or even along the ground to light up a pathway at night. A dramatic effect is to use torches to light up your garden at night. Some torches serve a dual purpose of keeping bugs away when lit. Outdoor lanterns are another option that provides elegance and class to your outdoor lighting scheme. They create a wonderful atmosphere with soft, ambient light for you and your guests. A patio lantern also provides a nice design touch during the day, as they are usually aesthetically pleasing to look at. Then, long popular among the RV crowd, string lights are a fun way to liven up your patio at night. There are many styles and color options with string lights. You can select a specific design if you are trying to create a theme, or simply go with LED string lights for your patio if you just want nice lighting and efficiency all in one.

In these days of being environmentally conscious we are able to access patio lights that use a lot less energy than conventional globes. Solar garden lighting and solar patio lights are readily available and over the past couple of years have become very affordable. Low voltage lights are also available. These are usually 12 volt and are connected to your household power by a transformer. Both low voltage and solar lights are available in many styles. Or you can bringing some of your inside lighting outdoors provides another option for outside lighting. If an awning covers your patio dining area, bring out a few table lamps from your home and place them on tables near the patio. Floor lamps can make the atmosphere quite cozy. Always make sure you are using electric outlets that are suitable for outdoor use.

 lanterns outdoor patio lights

 Lanterns Outdoor Patio Lights

torches outdoor patio lights

 Torches Outdoor Patio Lights

solar outdoor patio lights

Solar Outdoor Patio Lights

decorative outdoor patio lights

Decorative Outdoor Patio Lights

You can also have an electrician install dimmer switches. This will allow you to control the outdoor patio lights as the night becomes more dark. As you can see, outdoor lighting can be fun, inviting, and affordable with a few simple touches. After all, outdoor patio lighting adds plenty of beauty and artistic value to a home. Ultimately you should select the lighting that suits your personality and lets it shine through on your patio at night!

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