Outside Fireplace Designs for Outdoor Space

Most people enjoy spending as much time as possible outside.¬†As outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular so are outside fireplaces. There are plenty of outside fireplace designs from which you can choose so that you will find one that fits your current home perfectly. Outside fireplace designs can range from the traditional brick to the large variety of designs offered in many kits. Whether you’re planning to entertain a lot of guests and give them a place to stay warm or just dreaming of cuddling with your sweetie in the moonlight, an outdoor fireplace can provide just the right touch.

Functional Outside Fireplace Designs for Outdoor Space

Any outside fireplace designs are similar to that of an indoor fireplace. One exception is that dampers are not used in outside fireplaces. Portable chimeneas are affordable outside fireplace designs. Chimeneas are designed to hold small fires and should be carefully tended, as they will crack if overheated. A chimenea in a vibrant color will add visual interest even when not in use. Chimeneas are generally constructed of clay and range from $100 to $400 on average. Place your chimenea in the center of an open air patio to create an instant focal point or tuck it into the corner for a more subtle look. Decorate your patio with clay pots in complementary colors to the chimenea to achieve a cohesive look.

firepits outside fireplace designsFirepits Outside Fireplace Designs

Create an extension of your indoor living space by installing a grand outside fireplace and seating area adjacent to the house. Be sure to relate the construction to the existing style of your home. Potential materials include stucco, stone, brick or stained concrete. Build the fireplace directly into a wall for a seamless look. Be sure to build not only vertically but also horizontally to create a balanced space. For a true outdoor living space, pay attention to the flooring finishes as well. Bluestone, poured cement or tile make durable, attractive choices for patio floors. Coordinate flooring with the fireplace materials for a unified look. Built-in fireplaces are safe for large, robust flames and will warm your guests on cool evenings.

A carefully designed fire pit with a seating area is a modern way to add an outside fireplace feature. Fire pits are generally round, self-contained structures that provide a 360-degree view of the flames and achieve a campfire effect. Fire pit walls should be constructed of fireproof material. Attractive and functional choices include poured cement and mortared stone. For a unified look, install a poured concrete fire pit along with poured concrete benches for surrounding seating. Fire pits can be wood or gas burning. Pricing for permanent fire pits begin at around $500 and go up from there depending on finishes and size.

adorable outside fireplace designsAdorable Outside Fireplace Designs

cool outside fireplace designsCool Outside Fireplace Designs

These were some outside fireplace designs for your outdoor living space. Whatever you do, take a look at numerous other outside fireplace designs before you start to pare down the potential winners. You may end up coming up with your own unique design when it’s all said and done. In the end you’ll find that if you have done your investigative work thoroughly, you will have chosen and built an outdoor living area that will pay you back with years and years of peaceful open-air enjoyment. After all, outside fireplaces are the latest rage in outdoor accessories and for good reason. Not only are they attractive, giving the yard a focal point, but useful as well.

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