Inexpensive Landscape Ideas

A nicely landscaped home is always admired and appreciated. Landscaping can add dimension and value to a home, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many creative inexpensive landscape ideas to transform any outdoor space into a well-landscaped area. These landscape ideas will make your garden or back yard somewhere that everyone wants to be, and add some things that everyone wants to see.

Creative Inexpensive Landscape Ideas

One of the easiest and inexpensive landscape ideas is use materials such stone. Stone is easy to maintain, versatile, functional and durable. The book “Garden Stone: Creative Landscaping with Plants and Stone” suggests using stone that is available, or native, in the area. This creates a more natural look. Stone can be used for steps, for walls, to channel water away from a home or to a water feature, and even to hold up a hillside. Gravel and land stones in landscaping also mean you’ll use less water, which will save money. Purchase these items from quarries, which is often cheaper than buying them from a home improvement store or retailer.

stunning landscape ideas

Stunning Landscape Ideas

Containers are a cheap way to add color and versatility to landscaping. Containers come in a variety of sizes and materials, which make them ideal for almost any space. In a small backyard or garden area, containers offer a way to grow plants and add dimension without taking up too much of the usable space. Use containers for small trees, shrubs, perennials and water features. You can make small fountains using a watertight container and a pump.

Save the seeds from annuals. Annuals are plants that bloom profusely through one season and then die. Seed pods are easy to spot. Clip the pods or spent flower heads into a brown paper bag. Let them dry for a couple of days and shake the bag to separate the seeds. Plant the seeds, cover lightly with soil and water well.

container landscape ideas

Container Landscape Ideas

low cost landscape ideas

Low Cost Landscape Ideas

simple landscape ideas

Simple Landscape Ideas

Seeding a lawn is much less expensive than laying sod. Fall is the best time of year to plant seed, according to Cornell University; you’ll use less water, and fewer weeds will compete with the young seedlings. A lawn grown from seed may take two or three years to fill in completely, and you may have to reseed bare spots. The extra effort pays off, though, because seeded lawns are healthier and have deeper root systems than sod.  These were some inexpensive landscape ideas for your home. Making huge changes with these ideas in the overall look and feel of your back yard is possible without sinking a huge amount of money into the project. Take the time to look around at your outdoor space and then get creative.

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