Ideas of Pergola Lighting

A pergola is an outdoor structure of columns supporting sturdy cross beams, which may be topped with a roof or latticework to create a covered walkway or protected area over a lawn or open patio. Beautiful by day, by night pergolas can easily be illuminated with some beautiful pergola lighting ideas to create a magical atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining. Adding pergola lighting to your outdoor pergola instantly creates a nighttime retreat in the outdoor space. Different pergola lighting will create different feels to the area; choose the one that you find most aesthetically pleasing.

Pergola Lighting Ideas

Here are a few ideas of pergola lighting. Classic white twinkle lights, netted LED lights or trendy patio bulbs add pinpoints of light to your pergola and you can drape, wind or string them through lattice work to augment the framework of the structure.

 pergola lighting strings

Pergola Lighting Strings

Or you can use baby food jars as votive or tea light holders and hang from the roof of the pergola with floral wire wrapped in ribbon. Colored candles or LED candles with color-changing flames add to the party decor. Chandelier also give a romantic feel, and can be your another great choice.

 pergola lighting led lights

Pergola Lighting LED Lights

pergola lighting lantern

 Pergola Lighting Lantern

chandelier pergola lighting

Chandelier Pergola Lighting

Charming and cheerful, paper lanterns add color and texture to decorations inside and outside the pergola. Use classic white for weddings and bold colors for holidays and other parties. Mix patterned lanterns or sizes and shapes to create a relaxed feel. Well, these were just a few ideas of pergola lighting. With these ideas, you can enjoy a magical and festive evening under a vine-covered pergola. Use them to light up an evening meal with friends and family or to enjoy a warm summer night.

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