Ideas for Terrace Garden

The terrace garden is an extension of your home that allows you to combine the beauty of nature with the comfort of indoor living. The materials that you choose create the atmosphere that you need from your terrace garden. Also, adding terraces to slopes creates a visually symmetrical garden while making more planting space available. Adding a terrace garden creates a variety of possibilities to add to your outdoor space. If you are interested to make your own terrace garden, then here are some ideas for you.

Terrace Garden Ideas

Plants form the primary decorative accent pieces for a terrace garden. Choose plants with low-growing root systems to accommodate the thin layers of soil on the terrace surface. Also consider what type of furniture you’ll need in this outside living space. A small, bistro-style table or comfortable futon seating can accent your plantings. Consider the terrace an extension of the home living space. Use soft cushions, accent tables and decorative pieces on the tables. The plants function as a backdrop for your terrace garden, much like a painted wall forms the base for decorating a room. Or you can go for draping, terraced gardens also perfect place for planting trailing ground covers and vines. The difference in elevation between each terraced surface provides both a support and a backdrop for trailing vines such as morning glories, sweet peas and ivy. Planting these near the outer lip of the terrace encourages draping and allows space behind them for taller annual and perennial plants.

adorable terrace gardenAdorable Terrace Garden

Above-grade terraces offer a view of your surroundings. Maybe you enjoy a cup of coffee every evening while watching the world go by. Elevated terraces offer both planting and entertainment space. Decide if you’d like to use your terrace garden for a functional vegetable garden or a beautiful flower garden. It’s possible to incorporate both within a relatively small space. Adding potted containers will add height and beauty to your garden as well. Then, for a small slope, creating a set of natural steps and surrounding them with mini-gardens can turn a boring and barren slope into a thing of beauty. Set stone steps into the slope by digging a set of small earth ledges and placing flagstones on top. Stagger or curve the path for a more natural look. Every 3 feet, create a terraced mini-garden by digging into the slope and creating a flat area to plant. Edge the mini-terrace gardens with stone that matches the steps. Plant a mix of flowers that bloom in each season.

terrace garden for the home

Terrace Garden For The Home

amazing terrace garden

Amazing Terrace Garden

simple terrace garden

Simple Terrace Garden

A terrace garden is the perfect excuse to improve the atmosphere of your garden with the soothing sound of running water. To complement your garden waterfall, add vines and trailing plants to your flower beds. These will mimic the effect of the falling water and create a rich, verdant impression. If your terrace gets full sun, nasturtiums are an excellent choice. These can grow from 2 to 5 feet long and will produce bright orange flowers from late summer to early fall. For shady areas, try Fragrant Trailing Scandent Begonia, a variety known as ‘Brazilian Heart.’ Plant these flowers on the front edge of each terrace so that they hang down over the terrace walls. To add a peaceful scent to the picture, line the back of each bed with lavender and sage. These were some ideas for terrace garden in your home. There are plenty another ideas in the internet. So, don’t stop to search for a new inspiration. After all, creating a terraced garden can be satisfying work, and will give you an elegant garden.

terrace garden for the home , Ideas for Terrace Garden In  Category
adorable terrace garden , Ideas for Terrace Garden In  Category
amazing terrace garden , Ideas for Terrace Garden In  Category
simple terrace garden , Ideas for Terrace Garden In  Category

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