Functional Storage Shed

Storage shed provide the owner with additional storage outside your home. A storage shed is a stand-alone structure typically used to keep yard tools, lawn supplies and outdoor furniture protected from the elements. Sheds at residential homes are usually smaller than a barn or a garage, but sheds on farms, construction sites and commercial properties can be several thousand square feet. Sheds range from simple lean-to structures to complex buildings, and are generally made from wood, plastic, brick or metal. If you want to build your outdoor storage shed, you will need some good design ideas. Below are a few design ideas of outdoor storage sheds that might give your a new inspiration.

Useful Storage Sheds

Here are some design ideas of outdoor storage sheds for you; One common mistake when designing a shed is to make the door too small. This leads to stacks of inaccessible items being lost in the corners. Designing a shed with a large, sliding barn door in one wall can help to alleviate this problem. The larger the door, the easier it is to access different points in the shed. A barn-style door can either be mounted on a track so that it slides off to the side or constructed in two hinged parts so that they swing out and open. Either way, make the door opening as large as possible for maximum access.

pretty storage shed

Pretty Storage Shed

A corner shed is a practical and attractive design for a small city lot. Rather than building a square shed in the corner and situating the door off to one side or the other, build the shed with five sides: two right angled sides on the back in the corner of the lot, and three sides facing out into the yard, with a door in the central side that faces diagonally across the yard. This design fits the shed more elegantly into the yard, and makes the doors more easily accessible. It also leaves space on both sides of the door for gardening, hedges and other plants that will soften the contours of the shed.

garden storage shed

Garden Storage Shed

great storage shed

Great Storage Shed

storage outdoor shed

Storage Outdoor Shed

tool storage shed

Tool Storage Shed

You can save space and materials by building multiple outbuildings into a single shed. Small farms that need a chicken shed, a storage shed, a machinery shed and a sauna can have all four in one building. By building a single structure with multiple entries and walls between the different parts, you can create a system that has all the benefits of separate buildings but takes up far less room and uses less material. These were some design ideas for you. Choose the design according your needs. After all, having storage shed in your home is a good idea to manage your outdoor space. There are multiple benefits of adding storage sheds to your property. Keeping your yard tools and supplies safe and secure to having storage space to avoid cluttering up your garage are the biggest benefits. Storage sheds also can add value to property, both as a capital improvement as well as for aesthetic purposes.

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