Exterior Small Decking Ideas

Decking can add value to your home, especially for small space. Decking can create much required extra space. Small decks are easier to design and build than large decks. Additionally, they are easier to situate, as well as less expensive. There are several small decking ideas that great for your exterior small area. With these below small decking ideas, your small deck can be as useful and attractive as a larger deck.

Small Decking Ideas For The Home

Here are some small decking ideas for the home. Building benches into the sides of the deck will save space that freestanding patio furniture would take up. The benches can be seat-only or they can have a seat back. Lining the benches with outdoor patio pillows and cushions will add comfort and visual appeal. Integrate broad arm rests every few feet to provide a surface for people to set things down or for your flowerpots.

 house small decking ideas

House Small Decking Ideas

A raised flowerbed or planters running along the perimeter of the deck will help soften the boundary between the deck and the yard. The feeling that your deck is integrated with the surrounding landscape will give the illusion that your deck is larger. A flowerbed border will also save space by eliminating the need to have a lot of flowerpots on the deck.

great small decking ideas

Great Small Decking Ideas

simple small decking ideas

Simple Small Decking Ideas

modern small decking ideas

Modern Small Decking Ideas

A small table top with folding legs hinged to the side of the house or to the deck railing is a viable alternative to a freestanding patio table. The fold-down table can be built using the same materials used in the deck, or you can restructure an existing folding table. Manufactured folding tables that attach to a deck rail with hooks are also available. These were several small decking ideas for your exterior. Adding a deck for your outdoor space is a great idea. No matter how large or small, a deck is added living space to the home and a way to enjoy the outdoors.

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