Awesome Balcony Design

Interested in making your balcony more attractive? With the right balcony design elements, even the most awkward balcony can become a comfortable outdoor living space. A balcony can be a welcome retreat for relaxing or to actively enjoy the outdoors. Because it is an extension of the home, the design and decor of the balcony should not be an afterthought. The overall look of a balcony can tie into design elements from indoors, or it can be a space to creatively compliment neighboring indoor space. A good design for a balcony rests on good planning and a bit of creativity. There are so many balcony design ideas available for your balcony. Below are some balcony design ideas that might can give you a new inspiration.¬† Keep reading…

 Awesome Balcony Design Ideas

Well, here are some balcony design ideas for you; It may be easy to overlook the flooring for your balcony because many are basic concrete surfaces. However, your balcony’s flooring can help establish the ideal mood for the space. If your balcony features a concrete floor, an outdoor-safe rug is an inexpensive way to jazz it up and add color to the space. Painting a concrete floor to mimic the look of a carpet is another budget-friendly option. If you prefer a Mediterranean feel for your balcony, terracotta tiles provide a warm, inviting look. Wood is an attractive option if you are trying to create a natural vibe for your balcony.

lovely balcony design

Lovely Balcony Design

Setting up a seating area allows you to comfortably take in the scenery, read or even catch some rays. In most cases, your seating options depend on the size of your balcony. If you have a larger space, a love seat and set of chairs are an effective option. For smaller spaces, choose a couple of smaller chairs to create a seating area. A bistro table set can be used for eating on a smaller balcony, while a traditional patio table and umbrella works well in larger space.

Then another balcony design ideas is use the outdoor space to create a lush, green retreat. If you live in an apartment and do not have access to any other outdoor space, growing a garden can be an enjoyable use for your balcony. When using your balcony for this purpose, eliminate any other objects that might take space away from plants and flowers. Besides a couple of chairs, devote the bulk of the space to pots and containers for your greenery. Choose plants that grow upright to maximize your space or use a box to create a small herb garden. For an Asian twist, a Zen rock garden may also be added to your balcony.

modern balcony design

Modern Balcony Design

great balcony design

Great Balcony Design

pretty balcony design

Pretty Balcony Design

If you plan to use your balcony at night, lighting is an essential component in its design. Depending on the space, you may choose to add mounted lights to the outside of your home or post cap lights to the balcony’s railing. If your balcony is attached to a rental space, add temporary lighting, such as string lights that can be wound around the railing for a festive look. If your balcony does not have electric outlets, candles are another effective lighting option.These were some awesome balcony design ideas for you. With these design ideas, your terrace can even be your open-air lounge whenever you feel like having some fresh air. Fresh air is good for your health, and being able to have a beautiful, nature-friendly surrounding while getting fresh air is a bonus!

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