Stylish Boho Chic Bedroom

There are many decorating styles to transform the interior of a bedroom, ranging from sleek modern schemes to relaxed country-style designs. A relatively new way of creating an interesting space is boho chic bedroom style. Boho chic bedroom style is an eclectic mix of old and new, and therefor a combination of many different styles. This style of decor is very personal as there are absolutely no rules, it is simply about taking very different designs and mixing them together in a way that creates a cohesive overall effect. With the use of vintage furniture mixed in with a few ultra modern pieces, a range of different textures, intricate patterns and warm, rich colors, you will soon have a bohemian-chic-style room that creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Creating a boho chic bedroom is fairly simple, and the result is an eclectic decor with a bohemian stylish flair.

adorable boho chic bedroom

Adorable Boho Chic Bedroom

Create an Adorable Boho Chic Bedroom Style for Your Room

Well, to achieving boho chic bedroom style, add first with furniture patterns. Patterns add complexity to a room without cluttering it up. Part of the charm of bohemian chic involves assembling it piecemeal, and using a number of different patterns adds to this effect. To make sure that the patterns do not fight, choose patterns that are in a neutral or complementary range, and keep the layout of the room simple. The bedspread, the rug and the pillowcases all provide possibilities for contrasting patterns. Then, rough wood textures add an antiquated, unpolished look to a room that is an important part of the boho chic aesthetic. Look for older wood furniture and apply a fine-grain sandpaper to the wear spots, such as the corners and the edges. The fine-grain sandpaper creates a worn look without making the furniture appear too decrepit. You can simply round the edges of the wood furniture, or you can rub down to the grain for a contrasting raw wood look.

amazing boho chic bedroomAmazing Boho Chic Bedroom

Another thing to get the perfect boho chic bedroom style is with textures. Texture is an important element in the boho chic look, and fabric on the walls gives you a well-worn, comfortable texture to work with. For example, hang rugs on the walls for a thick, coarse, textured look, or hang silk banners or saris on the wall for a smooth, rich look. Frame small squares of brocade fabrics to create a colorful, artistic look. Also, small knickknacks are one aspect of the boho chic look, and to keep them out of your way, set them on high shelves. Install shelves that are slightly above your head or even close to the ceiling and set small glass knickknacks on them. They give the room visual variety without being on a level where you constantly have to work around them.

cute boho chic bedroomCute Boho Chic Bedroom

lovely boho chic bedroomLovely Boho Chic Bedroom

Paint the walls with curling floral designs. These vine-like designs use brightly painted flowers for splashes of color while keeping the room’s layout simple. Similarly, look for highly patterned vintage wallpaper. Strong patterns or flocked wallpaper add a bohemian chic look to the room that can unify all the elements inside in it. For the lights, use a specialty lighting fixture. As a spectacular focal point to any boho chic space, hang a large chandelier over a table or above a bed. Incorporate styles with bright colors in traditional designs for an interesting contemporary twist to the entire decorating scheme.

adorable boho chic bedroom , Stylish Boho Chic Bedroom In  Category
amazing boho chic bedroom , Stylish Boho Chic Bedroom In  Category
cute boho chic bedroom , Stylish Boho Chic Bedroom In  Category
lovely boho chic bedroom , Stylish Boho Chic Bedroom In  Category

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