Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom

For many parents-to-be, decorating the nursery is one of the most enjoyable tasks of preparing for the baby. Choosing decor for a baby girl’s room is especially fun, as there is a wide range of adorably cute ideas to choose from. However, the ideas of the baby girl bedroom should appear functional yet aesthetically pleasing to both baby and parents since this room is the baby’s retreat. While a newborn doesn’t require much in the way of material things, the nursery is also meant to feel like a cozy, comforting place imbued with personality. There are a number of ideas for your baby girl bedroom. Baby girl bedroom ideas can be some of the most fun to create.

Cute Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

One of the first things to decide when designing baby girl bedroom is the theme. Choosing a room theme helps to tie everything together, from the furniture to the walls and accessories.  Floral themes are common for girl nurseries and are created with ease. Select a color to paint the walls. For extra detail, consider painting one wall a different color than the other three. Use the bottom of the walls to either hand paint blades of grass or apply a premade border that sticks to the wall with adhesive. Paint a tree on one wall either by free-hand artistry or by once again using a projector. Paint leaves and birds in the tree using a full range of colors, such as brown bark and green leaves. Depending on the flowers you want to use, consider painting a bouquet of colorful flowers above the crib and lining windows and doors with hand-painted ivy or flower vines. Accent the rest of the room with floral bedding, and apply some floral appliques to a piece of furniture.

gorgeous baby girl bedroom

Gorgeous Baby Girl Bedroom

If you want a gorgeous baby girl bedroom, then shabby chic is the perfect style. Start by choosing a color scheme. Paint the walls a very soft color such as lavender. Make sure you pick a pale, soft color, nothing bright or loud. For furniture, white or off-white vintage style would go best with your shabby chic theme. Pick baby bedding that ties the whole room together. You can find many shabby chic bedding sets at any baby store or online site. A perfect finishing touch is hanging a chandelier in the room. This will be a beautiful room for your baby girl.

For a more traditional baby girl bedroom, think pink. Decide on furniture for your baby’s room. Because this a more traditional style, wood colored furniture would go best. For example, oak or cherry wood is a good choice. Decide on baby bedding and wall decor. You will find pink bedding everywhere. A popular look is pink and chocolate brown. This would go great in your traditional nursery. Add a pink rug in front of the crib. Accessorize the room with all things pink. If you have a changing table, use white and pink baskets for organization.

floral pink baby girl bedroom

Floral Pink Baby Girl Bedroom

pink grey baby girl bedroom

Pink Grey Baby Girl Bedroom

lovely baby girl bedroom

Lovely Baby Girl Bedroom

stunning baby girl bedroom

Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom

purple baby girl bedroom

Purple Baby Girl Bedroom

When decorating a modern baby girl’s room, you don’t have to do a lot. A modern theme uses geometrical shapes and abstract designs. You can achieve this look by accenting with a few simple pieces. Pick your color scheme, furniture and bedding. Then begin to incorporate some modern style decor. For example, a modern style rug is a way can tie this together. Look for a rug with basic geometric shapes such as circles or triangles. There are many stores and online sites that specialize in modern designs. You can choose to hang wall stickers or hang some paper lanterns over the crib. Add a modern style mobile, a simple lamp and you have created a modern nursery. Finally, always take into consideration the safety of your baby girl. If the baby’s room is near stairs, add a gate to the top and bottom of the stairs. Vacuum the baby’s room religiously. When the baby begins to crawl she can eat things off the floor before you realize what she is doing. If there is an adjacent bathroom to the bedroom, baby proof it as well.

floral pink baby girl bedroom , Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom In  Category
gorgeous baby girl bedroom , Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom In  Category
lovely baby girl bedroom , Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom In  Category
pink grey baby girl bedroom , Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom In  Category
purple baby girl bedroom , Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom In  Category
stunning baby girl bedroom , Stunning Baby Girl Bedroom In  Category

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