Room Ideas for Adults: for The Bedroom

As a busy adult, it’s easy to treat the bedroom as just another utilitarian room where you accomplish the task of sleeping. However, with some thought you can make the bedroom an exceptional retreat, where you not only feel special, but you feel like you’re on a break from the hectic pace of your life. Well, if you want to renewing your bedroom into some great themed room, then your in the right page. Mentioned below are some different themed room ideas for adults that you can opt. Choose one of theme room ideas for adults below according your taste and personality.

Impressive Bedroom with Themed Room Ideas for Adults

The number one of themed room ideas for adults is retro themed room. The revival of the environmental movement from the ’60s and ’70s has conjured a new theme in interior design: retro. Avocado green, sunflower yellow and soft orange adorn retro-themed bedrooms. Patterns of argyle and daisy flowers are used on linens, curtains, throw pillows and even sofas. Though placing a lava lamp on the bed table might be taking this theme one step too far, you can add retro touches by using beaded curtains, shag carpets and an 8-track player. All guitar players should place their instrument in a prominent location as well, complete with a Simon & Garfunkel poster above the bed. On the other hand, French romantic themed can be your option. Turn your bedroom into Versailles with a few sumptuous touches. The furniture in Louis XV’s time was known for its delicate, feminine lines, so look for wooden dressers and bedside tables with curved, ornately carved legs. Paint the walls a deep cream, and hang them with mirrors with wide gold frames. If you have the budget, find a four-poster bed with curtain rods, and dress it with thick velvet curtains in gold or sky blue.

exotic room ideas for adultsExotic Room Ideas For Adults

beautiful room ideas for adultsbeautiful room ideas for adults

pretty room ideas for adults

pretty room ideas for adults

For another themed room ideas for adults; Morocco themed. The homes and courtyards of Morocco are renowned for their brightly hued decor, full of geometric shapes and invigorating colors. To achieve Moroccan style in your room, first paint the walls a deep, cool blue. You can even create a weathered effect by sponging the paint. Hang pierced silver lanterns in the corners or above the bed. For a bed, choose a rustic wood headboard and frame, and center them over a deep red Oriental carpet. A leather ottoman, a small inlaid table or a wooden folding screen will help to complete the effect. Then, tropical beach or day spa can be the other choice. Use your favorite tropical beach or day spa as the inspiration to create a bedroom that feels like paradise every time you enter. Paint the walls a cool, light blue and use light furniture, such as white or light wood tones. Wicker furniture is ideal for a beach theme, though darker woods and faux grass skirts can mimic a tropical tiki hut. Hang images of you and your loved ones on the beach or calming ocean and beach portraits. Keep the linens lightweight with plain white, light blue or another light color. Add white candles to a vase or bowl filled with sand and shells.

great room ideas for adults

Great Room Ideas For Adults

tropical room ideas for adultsTropical Room Ideas For Adults

For those of you who loves rustic-feel, then you can try this one. Natural-looking pine furniture will help create a rustic lodge look. Pile quilts on top of flannel sheets with a few toss pillows including images of deer or bears. Spread out a mock black bear rug on the floor. Use lamps that look like old kerosene lamps for an authentic touch. Include candelabras that look like they are cut out of logs to hold candles for a romantic touch. Mirrors, clocks or lamps can have carved black bear details to keep with the theme. Hang pictures of your favorite forest or lodges. Finally, your bedroom is used for much more than sleeping. It is a place for you to relax and get away from the world. It can be your retreat from the craziness of everyday life. You can incorporate these themed room ideas for adults to enhance the room look and create that restful retreat you are looking for.

beautiful room ideas for adults , Room Ideas for Adults: for The Bedroom In  Category
exotic room ideas for adults , Room Ideas for Adults: for The Bedroom In  Category
great room ideas for adults , Room Ideas for Adults: for The Bedroom In  Category
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tropical room ideas for adults , Room Ideas for Adults: for The Bedroom In  Category

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