Paint Colors for Kids Rooms

Color is an essential aspect of any home decor, and wall color is usually among the first decisions when designing a room. For a kid’s room, it should be a colorful, happy place, where the child can feel safe, secure and comfortable. As you pick the paints color for kids rooms, remember that the paint color of the room plays an important role in the mental state of your kid. Luckily, there are some choices of paint colors for kids rooms. These choices will appeal to their happiness, joy, excitement and creativity.

Choices of Paint Colors for Kids Rooms

Before you looking for some choices of paint colors for kids rooms, you must ask the children what their favorite colors are for their rooms first. If the room is for only one child, use his colors as the color palette for the room. For more children, find creative ways to use all of their favorite colors in the room’s design. Even when the paint color for kids rooms choices are numerous and very different, make them work harmoniously in the same space by selecting their colors in the same tone, such as all light shades or all colors in bright and bold tones. Including all of their color selections in the plan for the room’s design makes the room feel special to all of the children.

lovely colors for kids roomsLovely  Colors For Kids Rooms

And also, the size of the room is also a thing to consider before you determine which colors work best. For small rooms or those without a great deal of natural light, shades of white pastels or neutrals are normally preferable. These reflect light and make small rooms appear larger, but they may wash out larger spaces. Darker tones may work in a small room, provided there is ample light to avoid the feeling of being in a cave. To tone down colors that are too light or too dark, consider mixing tones by doing two walls in one color and two in another. This works well for keeping the space interesting and avoid being overwhelming.

Well, that was a few tips before you choose the paint color. Now, for the choices, start with primary colors. Primary colors include yellow, red and blue–they cannot be created by combining any other colors. These colors can be combined with other colors to create any variation you or your child desires, such as pink–a combination of red and white. The primary colors match well with most any neutral furniture. Add white to primary colors and you can soften the look. Use these three together or pair two primary colors with any secondary color or neutral and the colors blend together well. Red and blue paint with yellow accents throughout the room creates a great atmosphere for a boy’s room. Painting the room blue and yellow, accented by purple or pink, is a comfortable mood for a girl’s room.

Then for the secondary paint colors for kids rooms, you will mix two primary colors together. These secondary colors include orange, green and purple. For instance, combining red and yellow makes orange. Yellow and blue creates green; blue with red makes purple. Pairing two secondary colors together creates a clash, so it is a much easier combination to pair secondary colors with primary colors. Pink and green together create a soft look.

awesome colors for kids roomsAwesome Colors For Kids Rooms

blue colors for kids roomsBlue Colors For Kids Rooms

yellow colors for kids roomsYellow Colors For Kids Rooms

Next for tertiary paint colors for kids room. The tertiary colors are shades of the secondary colors. For example, orange-red and yellow-green are tertiary colors. These are good colors to use when trying to match different items in the room. For example, if you choose to go with an orange and yellow theme, you can choose tertiary shades of both orange and yellow as complementary colors. Tertiary colors work well for older children as they show a little more maturity and less excitability. These were some information about paint color choices for kids room. Hope these will help you to decide. However, kid’s rooms are not just about colours, they convey a lot more. Most importantly they spend a lot of time creating moments of childhood there so make sure you spill your thoughts out all over the walls.

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