Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas

A Gothic bedroom celebrates the richness of Gothic styled architecture and medieval times. Gothic bedroom decor can make an excellent bedroom for those who enjoy a more somber or dark atmosphere.  Luxurious fabrics, rich wall colors and tons of accessories, a Gothic bedroom decor can be a stimulating escape from the stark brightness of some modern style decor. The Gothic bedroom decor also offers a wide palette from which to draw the inspiration to bring a moody Gothic presence to your bedroom. If you want to give your bedroom a Gothic-style look, read these bedroom decor ideas and put them to use! You’ll be relaxing in your own lair in no time!

Moody Different Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Red, grey, black and silver colours are effective colour themes in Gothic bedroom decor. Red walls with black velvet tapestries or vampire-themed posters work well in a gothic inspired bedroom. Another option is to paint walls to look like the walls of a castle. For a more horrific Gothic slant, paint walls black and splash on dark red paint for a bloody effect.

black gothic bedroom decor

Black Gothic Bedroom Decor

Clawfoot beds, or beds made of wood or iron and constructed with clean, straight lines, are ideal for bedrooms with a Gothic flair. An armoire painted in black with ornate carvings can serve as the signature piece in the bedroom, or you can purchase a chest made of dark wood to house your clothing, shoes or personal items. Large, long mirrors for the back of your bedroom or closet door or the accent wall add depth to the room; a mirror bordered in carvings that feature gargoyles or skulls complete the Gothic bedroom look.

A Gothic bedroom should be rich and luxurious and the bed is no place to skimp. Purchase bedding in deep rich colors such as a deep midnight blue or violet. Choose a faux velvet comforter in a deep red or blue with gold trim if possible. Then add pillows and lots of them. Pile the pillows up in matching shades of the same color and with luxurious trim in gold and tassels. Heavily embroidered throw pillows and shams are great in a Gothic bedroom.

gothic bedroom decor flair

Gothic Bedroom Decor Flair

great gothic bedroom decor

Great Gothic Bedroom Decor

creepy gothic bedroom decor

Creepy Gothic Bedroom Decor

In Gothic bedroom ideas, go for layers of accessories including richly tasseled bedside lamps, heavily draped windows and ornate picture frames. If you have any special Gothic interests express them with your accessories. For example, if you are into vampires, feel free to display some classic vampire novels in hardcover. Religious icons are also terrific accessories so bring in some wrought iron crosses in various styles. Although taxidermy birds are specific to one kind of Gothic decor, using them in this dark medieval style of Gothic style is also acceptable. Place a few taxidermy birds on high bookshelves or on a bureau for extra interest. Candles are also a must in Gothic bedroom decor, so purchase some wrought iron candle holders and a candelabra to house your white or cream colored candles. Always burn candles with supervision and safety. Well, these were some decor ideas for you. Decorate your bedroom with a Gothic style to give a different atmosphere that you can embrace and enjoy.

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great gothic bedroom decor , Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas In  Category
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creepy gothic bedroom decor , Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas In  Category

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