Decorating Bedrooms for Twins

You are a proud parent of two beautiful twins and now that you have two tots, you’d have to get two of everything, but how can you give them two bedrooms if you only have room for one of them? Decorating bedrooms for twins can be quite difficult. Well, luckily, today we will give you some tips to decorating bedrooms for twins. These tips can make a twin bedroom look unified, while still letting each twin have a say in the decor. Read on to learn how to decorating bedrooms for twins.

Tips To Decorating Bedrooms For Twins

Paint with neutral color, especially if you have fraternal twins. Choices for fraternal twins would be yellow or light tan or taupe. If the room is big enough to put a demarcation or divider, paint the girl’s side a feminine color and the boy’s side a masculine color. If the twins are of similar sexes choose a color that is more feminine like pink or purple for girls; and for boys choose masculine colors like blue or burgundy.Then, the next tips to decorating bedrooms for twins; add window covers for privacy. Choose wood blinds or plantation shutters then accent with drapes on the side or valance on top with fabric colors that coordinate with the bedding choices.Add furnishings. The biggest ticket items are the beds. Add a double bunk bed if the space is minimal. Place it against the wall to keep it secure and prevent the one who will sleep on top from falling off the bed. If space permits, add two single beds, aptly known as twin beds. Place them on opposite side of the wall or in an L-shape. Add two night stands on each side or place a long table in the middle that can act as a shared night stand. Add two dressers one for each child if space permits. If space is a problem, use a tall boy and have your twins share it.

adorable bedrooms for twins

Adorable Bedrooms For Twins

Add bed linens and pillows. Almost always, we see identical twins wearing the same clothes. Although there are no rules that states they need to have identical things, parents find it easier when making choices of things to buy for identical twins to be similar or identical so that there will be no jealousy that could end up if the other one would prefer the other’s belongings. Same with bedding, use identical bed covers, blankets and pillows for identical twins unless you get them involved and they choose another style. Just keep in mind that the room should still look cohesive even when the styles and designs are not. One suggestion is to use complementary colors or coordinating the bedding even when they are not an exact match. For fraternal twins who share a room, you can use a neutral bedding style that would work for a boy or a girl or use a divider to separate the two areas so that the girl can choose whatever she wants to have in her space and the boy will be able to have his own personal touch. Twins, identical or not, need room to grow and to nourish their individuality even in a shared space. Also, don’t forget about lighting. Add a table lamp on each bed side table. You can also hook up or clamp a reading lamp on the upper bunk bed since it is too high to reach the night stand. Add ceiling lights or track lights to brighten up the room.

coastal bedrooms for twins

Coastal Bedrooms For Twins

simple bedrooms for twins

Simple Bedrooms For Twins

rustic bedrooms for twins

Rustic Bedrooms For Twins

warm bedrooms for twins

Warm Bedrooms For Twins

Add accessories. A room is not complete without adding accessories. Have your twins choose the items they want to see in their bedroom. Place photos of the twins on a shelf or on each bed side table. Add wall art, knick-knacks and other things they enjoy having around. You can frame their art project and place them on each side of the room. Add personalization by hanging their initials or names in wooden blocks on top of each bed. Well, these were some tips to decorating bedrooms for twins.  In order to design a bedroom for twins, you have to consider that both have different personalities and may want a certain thing contrary to the other. Consult your twins on what they want and design accordingly. Always remember to merge your designs and make them cohesive to avoid that look of clutter and confusion.

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