Creative Ideas of Room Decoration for Girls

If you’re planning to redecorate your daughter’s room and aren’t sure of what to do then you need to read this article. In this article you will get some creative ideas of room decoration for girls. However, creating the perfect girls room for your daughter’s room starts with an understanding of what your child likes. Knowing her interests will help in the process. Decorating your daughter’s room will give you the chance to be a child again. And for more, read the following paragraphs for creative ideas of room decoration for girls.

Room Decoration for Girls Room

Before we start about the ideas of room decoration for girls, you need to keep in mind a few things. Although you want a room that can be adapted to her changing interests, make sure that what you create now suits her current style and tastes. Have her pick two or three colors, and go shopping with her to select bedding and accessories that pick up those colors.

Look at window treatments, and let her decide what she wants. Also let her decide on wall accessories. Does she want a full-length mirror, a bookcase where she can display her collectibles or a mural? These elements will allow your daughter to make a style statement without restricting either her or you in the future. Then, if you are on a tight budget, put your imagination to work. Browse thrift stores and garage sales for furniture that can be repurposed for your daughter’s room. A used dresser can be much less expensive than a new one. And if you paint it your daughter’s favorite color, she could like it even more than a new one.

Go to the drugstore and have photos of her and her friends enlarged on canvas, and use them as wall art. Or clip the photos to a clothesline, and hang it across a wall. For a headboard, use a curtain panel, and just hang it from a curtain rod. Elements such as these can make a style statement without breaking your budget.

lovely room decoration for girlsLovely Room Decoration For Girls

It’s important to consider a few things like above before you get start to decorate your daughter’s room. For the ideas, begin with the color. A pink and green color scheme is reminiscent of a chic style. Pink keeps the room sweet while green adds a fresh pop of color. Hang a wallpaper featuring a light green background and a delicate pink floral pattern. White wicker furniture, such as a bed headboard, night stand and dresser set, will give the space a charming garden vibe. Enhance the bed with a vintage white quilt and pink and green flower-shaped decorative pillows.

Murals are also great for room decoration for girls. Murals can add depth to a room and set the tone for the decor. If you are not up to the challenge of painting a mural yourself, hire a local artist to paint it, or post a flier in a nearby university’s art building. Another option is to use wall decals. They create a similar effect but are removable and often are cheaper. Whatever option you decide on, make sure the image in the mural reflects the child’s personality. Then, to create a soothing atmosphere with a dramatic flair, hang drapery from the ceiling. Hang drapes to break up larger rooms, but for a smaller room try draping fabric against a wall or window. This can add interest to the space and give the room a soft, welcoming touch.

awesome room decoration for girlsAwesome Room Decoration For Girls

vintage room decoration for girlsVintage Room Decoration For Girls

Finally, dress up boring lampshades by adding ribbon around the top and bottom. Purchase a few yards of beaded or pompom fringe to glue along the bottom of the shade for a real girly look. These same techniques can be carried over to store-bought drapery as well. Anyone with basic sewing capabilities can use just a simple stitch to add ribbon or fringe. These were just a few ideas and tips of room decoration for girls. There are still other ideas that you can incorporate for your girl’s room. Girls’ room decorations vary with the girl. While one girl might want something frilly, another might be a devotee of skate culture. So, as a parent, you must take your choice for your daughter wisely. Just ask your girl what the most she like. And do together, this fun parents-daughter project! Happy Decorating!

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