Cool Curtains for Bedroom

Bedroom decorating is all about maximizing creative usage of accessories and cool curtains are one of those accessories that create great amount of impact in bedroom interiors. These cool curtains for bedroom are also used for different purposes. Beside for decorating a bedroom, you can use it for privacy, light control and climate control. There is also a wide variety of cool designs, colors, sizes and styles available in the market. You can even experiment with these cool curtains to enhance your bedroom windows.

Cool Curtains Ideas for Bedroom

Select a set of curtains based on your sleeping habits and needs. Sheer curtains allow natural light to come through, lighting the room, while blackout curtains should make the room quite dark, even in the middle of the day. Blackout curtains do have a heavier look, but you can purchase them in light colors to give the room a brighter feel. They’re practically a necessity if you must sleep during the daytime. Getting some early morning natural light, though, can help you wake up feeling more refreshed. Then, typically, the curtains in the master bedroom have a more formal feel to them. Look for cool curtains that are long in fabrics like satin, velvet or heavy brocade. You can also have several layers to the curtains, such as putting a sheer chiffon behind more elegant curtains. In a guest bedroom, you can choose shorter curtains in lighter fabrics.

sheer cool curtains

Sheer Cool Curtains

When it comes to draping your curtains, function typically trumps the look. You want your curtains to hang down, covering the window to prevent light from getting inside your room in the morning and to prevent any nosy neighbors from getting a good look inside at night. Aside from that, you can open curtains up in the morning by tying them to the sides with a sash or by pushing them open. You could also use a valance at the top or drape a single piece of fabric on the top for an elegant look.

floral cool curtains

Floral Cool Curtains

cool curtains for your bedroom

Cool Curtains For Your Bedroom

blue cool curtains

Blue Cool Curtains

If your bedroom windows are quite large (bay windows, for example) you may need to find a custom solution. Many department stores can make custom curtains to fit your window. You simply browse the available fabrics and order with your window’s dimensions. If you want to make a small window look larger, use long curtains to cover up the fact that it’s small. Then, your cool curtains do not have to be made out of fabric. Alternatively, consider beaded curtains. Placed close together, these types of curtains could completely cover your window. You can also purchase fabric curtains that incorporate strings of beads, which tends to give the curtains a Mediterranean look. Well, these just a few ideas for you. Curtains are cool and really inexpensive decor for your bedroom. For unique look, use your creativity to make different style. After all, these cool curtains for bedroom offer perfect decoration solutions to one and all.

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