Cool Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Teenage boys want a bedroom that reflects their maturity and growing personality. A cute and cuddly themed bedroom may no longer have the desired effect your teen son wants his room to radiate. When it comes to a teenage boy bedroom makeover it’s important to consider the style, or theme which is reflect their personality most. Pick the best boy teenage bedroom ideas into your son’s room. There are a number of different boy teenage bedroom ideas that you can explore and these boy teenage bedroom ideas will hopefully produce a room that your son will enjoy.

awesome boy teenage bedroom ideasAwesome Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Awesome Cool Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas

If your son loves sports, decorate his room with a sports theme. Boy teenage bedroom ideas with a sports theme is easily accomplished by combing your home for old, no longer used sports equipment to display on the walls or buying some at garage sales or secondhand shops. When it comes to bedding, consider a standard denim comforter or a quilt or duvet cover with a sports motif. If your son has any outgrown team jerseys consider turning them into throw pillows.

Consider what else you may have around your home (e.g. stored away in the garage or attic) that fits into the theme e.g. old felt pennants, team pictures, trophies etc. When creating a sports theme room your options are vast – you can incorporate many sports together or focus on a single favorite sport and look for accessories in coordinating colors e.g. green or burgandy wastepaper baskets, storage containers, or photo frames to complement the colors found in your sports decor items such as baseball gloves and bats. Speaking of bats, a collection of them can be turned into an awesome looking headboard. Likewise, a hockey stick can be fashioned into a curtain rod.

music boy teenage bedroom ideasMusic Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Video games is the next boy teenage bedroom ideas. Surprise your teenage son by turning his bedroom into a video game lover’s room. Highlight his gaming system with colored lighting. Purchase a video game chair, and strategically place the chair in his room in front of his television. Cover his walls with inexpensive video game posters. Install shelving to highlight his video game collection. To complete his video game room, arrange his electronics on an entertainment center. Then another ideas, go for wilderness. Imagine the quiet beauty of the wilderness and try to bring the feel of the great outdoors inside with a room theme that features bears, moose, fish and all things natural and rustic.

rustic boy teenage bedroom ideasRustic Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas

simple boy teenage bedroom ideas

Simple Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Plaid flannel bedding and coordinating window treatments along with accessories like old fishing rods, paddles, and fishing nets hung on your son’s walls will give your teen’s room a cabin-like feel. If your son likes birding as mine does, don’t forget to add in a bird house or two and hang up a pair of binoculars along with the odd related poster or two. Wood furniture especially anything made of pine and decorative accessories like a shadow box of fishing lures or treasures found in nature as well as photos of outdoor adventures are other great decor ideas. You may also be able to find decorative shelves in the shape of a canoe or outhouse to help bring the look of your wilderness/outdoor bedroom theme together. These were just a few boy teenage bedroom ideas. When deciding on what theme or ideas to incorporate into your son’s room, take into consideration his favorite hobby.

awesome boy teenage bedroom ideas , Cool Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas In  Category
music boy teenage bedroom ideas , Cool Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas In  Category
rustic boy teenage bedroom ideas , Cool Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas In  Category
simple boy teenage bedroom ideas , Cool Boy Teenage Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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