Baby Room Decorating Ideas

Your baby’s room can be a quiet refuge, a place to relax and nurse or a stimulating place to play. If you want to decorating your baby room, and need some ideas, then you are in the right page. Decorating a bedroom for your new little bundle of joy can be an exciting and overwhelming process, especially if decorating isn’t your favorite thing to do. Your baby will have different needs than you, which should be reflected in the way you decorate his/her nursery. The decor should also make you feel at ease, as he/her will feed off your emotions and moods. There are so many ideas when it comes to decorating your baby room. Baby room decorating ideas are a chance for you to really experiment a lot with your creativity.

Great Baby Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your baby room is so much fun, especially when decorating with a theme. Some of the most common themes you can choose from can come out of the pages of a storybook such as “Cinderella,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Robin Hood,” “The Cat in the Hat,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Beauty and the Beast” and many others. Choose the same theme for paint, wallpaper or border, bedding, window covers, lighting, area rugs, slipcovers and accessories to make the room cohesive. Choose art pieces and toys that depict your theme to unify the design.

stunning baby room

Stunning Baby Room

Paint a mural on the wall to depict scenes from a favorite bedtime storybook. For example, the story of “Peter Rabbit and Friends” can show the scenes by the woods where Peter and his family live, the vegetable garden where Peter eats carrots and the lake where Aunt Jemima Puddle Duck swims with her little ducklings. Add words or captions at the top of the mural to tell portions of the story. Use a projector to trace drawings if you are not good with freehand drawing; it can make accomplishing this project much easier. Add accessories that complement the design. It is not necessary to match everything, like in themed rooms, although you could put a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal or storybook on a display shelf to give the baby something to touch that relates to the scenes.

Then another ideas to decorate the baby room is with stencils or decals. There are plenty of stencils with different shapes, including toys, vehicles, animals and flowers that you can buy from craft or home improvement stores. Use stencils to paint designs as borders. Stencil the baby’s name or initials on the wall above the crib. Stencil the designs on the baby furnishings such as the crib, diaper table and dressers. Stenciling can minimize mistakes that freehand painting may cause. Much easier to use than stencils are decals. Hang the decals anywhere around the room. Buy different sets to give the room a different look each time the season changes.

 simple baby room

 Simple Baby Room

decorating baby room

Decorating Baby Room

cool baby room

Cool Baby Room

awesome baby room

Awesome Baby Room

Another advantage is that you can also easily move the decals around if you are not happy with their placement. Finally, make safety your primary concern as you decorate your child’s nursery. Your baby will grow and develop faster than you can imagine, which means that lamp cord that hangs from the dresser may not pose a threat when she first comes home, but will before she’s one year old. Baby-proof the room by covering all the electrical outlets, hide any wires, tie any fan or window covering strings so they are too high for a child to reach and avoid placing the baby’s crib under a window, vent or shelf where things can fall on her.

simple baby room , Baby Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
stunning baby room , Baby Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
awesome baby room , Baby Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
cool baby room , Baby Room Decorating Ideas In  Category
decorating baby room , Baby Room Decorating Ideas In  Category

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