3 Themed Guys Bedroom Ideas

As a guy, you can say that decorating your bedroom is nothing important. But, you are wrong, your bedroom is the place that supposed to be the center of creativity. You guys today have a wide assortment of themed guys bedroom ideas available. With these wide of range options to choose, you can choose what the most you like. And keep the color preferences, comfy room and interests in mind. If you looking for common themed of guys bedroom ideas, then below are 3 common theme guys bedroom for you. Keep reading…

Common 3 Theme Guys Bedroom Ideas

Here’s the first theme guys bedroom ideas; into sports. Many guys play sports and this can be an easy place to begin decorating. Bedrooms need to be functional and able to hold all of a person’s things. Storage is a major consideration because of this. If the young man plays sports, he probably has gear that needs to be stored. Finding stylish furniture where he can store this is important. One option is to use lockers as storage. Many places sell lockers as furniture, but it is also possible to find used lockers. Decide on a color scheme for the room with the young man. An option is to decorate the room in the colors of his favorite sports team. Also, make sure to have shelves where he can display his trophies, pictures and other sports memorabilia. Another theme that can be used is electronics.Many young men play video games, use computers, etc. so there are many avenues to take with this. Use colors like grey and orange, which evoke a contemporary, modern feeling. If a television can be put in the room, make sure there is a stylish shelving unit for all of his electronic devices (cable box, DVD player and video game console) so that they are not messily stacked on the floor.

baseball guys bedroom ideas

Baseball Guys Bedroom Ideas

awesome guys bedroom ideasawesome guys bedroom ideas

Another option with a room like this is to have a bed that can also be made into a couch. This way he can play games or watch TV on a couch and his friends can come over and play too. For the young man who is a music aficionado, his room can be decorated in this idea theme. If he plays instruments, make sure there are designated spaces for the various instruments so that they can be played in the room. Themes can be vintage or contemporary music, depending on his preferences. For vintage, find old vinyls and hang the album covers on the wall as artwork, or find old concert posters (they are sold at many record stores). For contemporary music, find posters of his favorite bands and tastefully hang them (framed posters will look more sophisticated).

music guys bedroom ideas

Music Guys Bedroom Ideas

With these 3 theme guys bedroom ideas, murals are a good way to decorate the walls of a guy’s bedroom. They can be silhouettes of athletes, or large cutouts of specific athletes that mount right to the wall. With electronics, there could be painted wires running along the walls. For music it could be musicians, instruments or basic music notes. An important thing to remember with guy’s rooms is that darker (not too dark) colors evoke a sense of masculinity, so keep that in mind when choosing colors.

awesome guys bedroom ideas , 3 Themed Guys Bedroom Ideas In  Category
baseball guys bedroom ideas , 3 Themed Guys Bedroom Ideas In  Category
music guys bedroom ideas , 3 Themed Guys Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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