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Your bathroom is one place in your house where serenity needs to be paramount, and one way you can do that is create a zen bathroom. The appeal of a Zen environment is to create serenity. The word “Zen” represents “meditation” in Japanese; practicing Zen means living simply and fully in the moment or the “now.”  The Japanese view simplicity as highly sophisticated when applied to Zen decor, the skill of eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the significant. Great attention to detail also plays a major role in Zen decorating. When executed properly, a Zen bathroom will provide you with a personal sanctuary and help guests feel at ease.

Create Your Zen Bathroom

Less is more in a Zen bathroom. Zen decorating suggests a minimalist approach may be the key to creating an atmosphere that is both soothing and relaxing. This might mean anything from reducing clutter to banishing unnecessary items to a cabinet instead of a counter, and replacing them with candles. If you have bathroom things that won’t fit in the counter, you can also put them in a woven basket or box. For your shower products, you should find containers that match and blend in with your shower. You should match your towels with your bathroom paint color or decor so they blend in instead of stand out, you can also roll them up instead of hanging them. Displaying one single piece of art is preferable to many, or you could bring in fresh flowers, or a beautiful potted plant. A simplistic design will make the room seem more spacious.

peacefulness Zen bathroom

Peacefulness Zen Bathroom

Creating a Zen atmosphere can be as simple as bringing the outdoors in. If you are remodeling, this could mean using a stone colored tile, or a stone countertop. Decorating could be as simple a thing as a pile of stones, bronze coins or a beautiful orchid. The idea is to make the natural element the focal point of the bathroom. Using natural scented soaps or oils can also enhance the space by adding a new sense to experience. Also plants will liven up a space while also improving air circulation, though you should consider which type of plant will flourish with the amount of sunlight, or add fluorescent bulbs.

Sometimes Zen is about finding balance in your life, and sometimes it’s finding it in a room. Feng Shui is a great way to find this balance, though Feng Shui and bathroom are not always synonymous. This is probably because Feng Shui was created thousands of years before indoor plumbing, so bathrooms are considered to be one of the most unbalanced rooms in a house. One way to balance a bathroom is to add earthy objects, like a terra cotta vase or bamboo placed in front of a mirror. If you have a window, you could use wood blinds instead of plastic ones. Wood grained cabinets, drawers or shelves can also be a great way to achieve this.

simplicity in Zen bathroom

Simplicity In Zen Bathroom

calm Zen bathroom

Calm Zen Bathroom

Zen bathroom decor

Zen Bathroom Decor

You can also place a stone or crystal in each corner of the room, and over the shower drain. By using warm yang shades, like red or yellow paint or decor, you can bring balance to the yin water energy that can be draining in a bathroom. These were how to creating a Zen bathroom. In short, a Zen bathroom image is moving more away from a place to wash and more towards a place to unwind, providing you with your own personal space with which to relax and soak your troubles away. A Zen bathroom is great for those of you who loves peacefulness of a spa retreat.

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