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Most bathrooms are functional, but in decorating terms that means boring. Spice up your bathroom with a bathroom theme. Bathroom theme is so much fun to create that you may find yourself tempted to create new theme for every season of the year in your own bathrooms. Whether you are revamping an existing bathroom or starting from scratch in a new home, a bathroom theme and thoughtful design choices can transform your bathroom from a “blah” but necessary room into a place you’ll enjoy spending time in. Coming up with different bathroom themes each time you want to redesign a bathroom isn’t difficult.

Different Choices of Bathroom Theme

Here are several bathroom themes for your; Tropical bathroom theme  can be easily created just by adding a bit of bamboo. Bamboo shutters, blinds or window shade coverings are the best place to start, then add matching bamboo toilet roll holders, towel racks and waste baskets. You can go even further with this one by painting palm trees or a brilliant sunset scene on the walls. On the other hand, country-themed bathrooms are another popular theme idea that brings back feelings of simpler, more secure times. The country look could involve having plaid curtains on the window or just simple light lace. Use plaid or stripes as wall trim in the center of the wall for a modern update to old-fashioned wainscotting, and add small braided rugs for the floor.

tropical bathroom theme

Tropical Bathroom Theme

From safari themes featuring a variety of animal prints to a motif featuring a single print like ladybugs, cows or fish, animal themes are common for guest bathrooms that are typically smaller spaces or half-baths. Without requiring a shower curtain, bathroom themes can be executed in hand towels, soap dishes, wall decor and wallpaper borders. Or you can go for cottage bathroom theme. The cottage theme is casual and relaxed. Choose neutral colors for a cozy feel, or go with light colors, such as faded rose, peach, country blue or pale green, to add splashes of color. Bring brighter colors, such as yellow or white, in with towels and rugs. Don’t be afraid to incorporate vintage pieces with your modern ones. Place an antique soap dish on your counter for a pleasing nuance in your kitchen. Mirrors with aged frames are another alternative.

Then, ocean theme could be another great theme. Blue hues will bring a feeling of the sea into your bathroom. Dark blue shades are restful, and light shades are more cheerful. Other shades to consider are aqua, turquoise and sea green. Choose accessories, such as seashells, candles and woven baskets, that enhance the ocean theme. For a more natural look, select accessories and pieces made from natural fibers. Bamboo and wicker shelves or baskets brighten any beach theme.

While there is no set rule for a Victorian color palette, colors do tend to complement each other. But, if you decide to go with bold colors, choose three and make one the primary color with the other two acting as secondary colors on accessories. Bold red, green, and gold are one option. Another choice for a palette is neutral colors, such as beige, white and brown. Decorate with items that recreate a Victorian ambiance, such as drawer pulls, window treatments, hand towels, knobs and soap dishes.

victorian bathroom theme

 Victorian Bathroom Theme

cottage bathroom theme

 Cottage Bathroom Theme

asian bathroom theme

 Asian Bathroom Theme

The Asian look is minimalist and tidy. Choose natural textures and clean designs for rugs, curtains and containers. Go with neutral colors, such as white, off-white, shades of beige and yellow to bring a sense of tranquility to your bathroom. Choose simple window treatments that do not break up the nuance of the room. Incorporate elements of the earth, such as fountains, plants and water pools to enhance the calming essence of this look. As you can see, there are many different bathroom themes that you can choose from when remodeling your bathroom. Here, you have been introduced to the several popular ones. Have fun with your bathroom theme choice and be bold, you can always change it if you really hate it!

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