Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

Mushrooms growing in bathroom is one of annoying things we have. Before you trying to eliminate the mushrooms, you should know what causes the mushrooms grow in bathroom.

The Causes of Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

Spores – Mushroom spores exist on clothes, in hair and under fingernails. A good scrubbing and shower will generally wash them down the drain, or so you thought. One sticky spore is all it takes to root in the bathroom drain. Spores can become airborne on the mist from the shower and land anywhere.

Humidity – Mushrooms favor moist environments, and bathrooms are the perfect place for them to flourish. Every time a person takes a shower, water creates a fine mist that clings to any surface. Often the bathroom door is closed after the shower, thus locking in the moisture that mushrooms love.

Bathroom Mushroom

Bathroom Mushroom

Nutrients – Mushrooms do not have chlorophyll and cannot utilize sunlight to create energy; instead, they get nutrients from compost or dirt that washes down the bathroom sink or shower drain. Mycelia or slimes put forth by mushrooms capture the dirt and enzymes and convert them to usable carbohydrates.

Mushroom Growing in Bathroom

Mushroom Growing in Bathroom

The Removal of Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

Initial removal of large mushrooms is as simply as donning a pair of rubber gloves and picking the offending fungi out of the floor, wall or ceiling. Once you remove the largest parts of the mushrooms, copper- or neem oil-based fungicides are an effective treatment for killing the remaining structures of the mushrooms. Using fungicides indoors requires proper ventilation as well as eye and mouth protection. If you prefer to not use fungicides, a diluted solution of bleach and water is also an effective means for killing mushrooms. Full eradication may require several applications of either a fungicide or a bleach solution.

Things you’ll need to prepare when you are going to remove the mushrooms are: dust mask, rubber gloves, safety goggles, all-purpose bathroom cleaner, nylon-bristled scrub brush, bucket, water, towel, sponge, and trisodium phosphate (TSP).

After all the tools are ready, you should follow the instructions below to eliminate the mushrooms in your bathroom.

First, scoop up all of the mushrooms and excess mold with paper towels. Once you are done with the surface clean, place all of the paper towels in a plastic bag. Double-knot the bag and then throw it away.

After that, Clean the moldy area with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner and nylon brush. Keep scrubbing and rinsing with a wet sponge until you can lift no more of the mold. If no traces of mold or mold stain are left, wipe the floor clean and you’re done. If some mold staining remains, move on to Step 3.

Pour 2 gallons of warm water in a bucket. Add 1 cup of TSP. Stir well for two minutes or until the powder is dissolved.

Then, saturate the molded area with the TSP solution. Leave it in place for 15 minutes. Re-wet the area if necessary. Scrub the molded area with your scrub brush. Rinse the area clean with a wet sponge. And the last step is wipe dry.

Mushroom in the Bathroom

Mushroom in the Bathroom

The Prevention of Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

Treating existing mushrooms growing in bathroom with a fungicide is not enough to prevent future fungal problems in your bathroom. If the levels of humidity in your bathroom are high enough to support mushrooms, they are also high enough to support the growth of toxic mold or structural damage to underlying wood structures in your bathroom. Ensure that your bathroom is fitted with a ventilation fan to remove humidity from the room. Wet towels also provide a breeding ground for mold and mushrooms, so hang towels to dry or transfer them immediately to a washing machine. If the seals around your toilet or bathtub are leaking or pooling water, have them repaired by a professional contractor. If your water damage problem is severe, you may need to replace flooring or walls with new, dry wood.

Bathroom Mushroom , Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom In  Category
Mushroom Growing in Bathroom , Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom In  Category
Mushroom in the Bathroom , Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom In  Category

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