Marble Bathrooms

Marble bathrooms are the ultimate option if you are looking for style and luxury, when remodeling your home. Marble has long been known as the more sophisticated and elegant stone when compared to granite, soapstone, and slate. Its delicate veining and soft color range are just the initial reasons that marble is ideal in bathrooms. Marble is a softer stone that reflects light in a subtle manner that is attractive  and evokes a breathtaking reaction. This striking stone has become one of the most popular choices for bathrooms. These marble bathrooms  can manifold the enjoyment of taking bath.

Beautiful Marble Bathrooms

Marble is being used for flooring, vanity countertops, shower surrounds, and bathtubs. Tiling a bathroom is a simple choice because it is easy to configure tile to any shape and any pattern. Tile has the ability to quickly create a custom look by combining different colors and patterns. Tiles in marble bathrooms come in various sizes from large 24″ x 24″ format to tiny 1″ x 1″ mosaic, and every size in between. The most popular colors of marble are available in tile format including the classic white, black, green, red, and brown. The nature of marble allows it to coordinate with other colors of marble effortlessly. It is common to see intricate flooring patterns done with various colors of marble tiles in hotels, wealthy homes, and churches. Combining the various sizes can achieve a luxurious appearance when done the right way.

elegant marble bathrooms

Elegant Marble Bathrooms

Vanity countertops are a popular place to reveal the true beauty of marble. As one of the most used surfaces in the bathroom, marble vanities are easy to clean, low-maintenance, and have a timeless look that does not go out of style. Marble is found all over the world in various colors and veining patterns. White Marble is one of the most elegant colors and a classic choice that compliments most styles. Both modern and traditional bathrooms pair well with white and grey marble. Marble slabs are ideal solutions for bathroom showers because they hold up to large amounts of water with minimal grout joints like tile. They are also low maintenance and easy to clean. There are so many color and style options with marble slabs that it is easy to find the perfect one for any space.

beautiful bathrooms marble

Beautiful Bathrooms Marble

pretty marble bathrooms

Pretty Marble Bathrooms

lovely marble bathrooms

Lovely Marble Bathrooms

Then, marble bathtubs are an impressive element in a bathroom because their solid form and visual weight command attention and respect. Since it is easy to fabricate, water resistant, and durable, marble is the premier choice for solid bathtubs, sink basins, and fountains. The stone can be carved into solid forms out of any marble color and can be carved into endless shapes and styles. Marble is a remarkable stone that has so many uses and purposes in today’s bathrooms. One of the beautiful things about marble bathrooms are it will not require any remodeling or renovation for years to come if proper care is taken. The only main downside being that marble is extremely heavy, and the fact that it comes in ready-made marble slabs can make it difficult to download it at home. However if it is made possible with all the help than you will surly thank your toes for the ultimate luxurious bathroom later.

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