How to Make a Bathroom Vanity?

Do you feel your bathroom so outdated? Update your bathroom look by changing your bathroom vanity. You don’t need to buy the vanity; you can make it by yourself. How to make a bathroom vanity? Is that your question? Follow these tips and steps, and you can freshen up your outdated bathroom with a stylish new timber vanity that is inexpensive but chic.

How to Make a Bathroom Vanity: Preparation

Before you go to the first steps, you have to gather your supplies. Here are the supplies you need to prepare: 6-drawer timber-and-cane unit, round countertop basin, bathroom basin mixer, 7mm plywood, quantity to suit (shelf and skirt), and 3mm plywood, quantity to suit (backing).

You’ll also need to source a smaller basket or accessories to sit in front of the plumbing. Don’t forget also to prepare square, handsaw, drill, twist bit, hole saw bit, size to suit (optional), PVA, 32mm treated pine screws, jigsaw, power sander (optional), sanding block, medium- and fine-grit sandpaper, Feast Watson timber stain in Black Japan, general painting tools and panel pins.

How to Make a Bathroom Vanity: Step by Step

Here are the steps to make a timber bathroom vanity.

Step 1: The finished height of your vanity unit needs to be about 720mm, depending on the height of your selected basin (in our experiment, we use a  basin with about 160mm). Measure from top of unit, mark and cut legs to suit. Also remove existing backing panel.

Step 2: Remove top section timber drawer dividers by cutting with a handsaw. Measure and cut a piece of 7mm ply for a shelf. Predrill, glue and screw into position.

Making Your Own Rustic Vanity

Making Your Own Rustic Vanity

Step 3: Measure and cut a length of 7mm ply to act as a skirt, which runs along front top edge of vanity, hiding bottom of basin and giving depth to countertop. Predrill, glue and screw into position. Use clamps to hold in position while screwing.

Step 4: Using your selected basin as a guide, decide on its location. Draw around base, and then mark a circle, slightly smaller than basin base. You can use a compass or trace around a paint tin or bowl. Drill a hole just inside the line of smaller circle. Insert jigsaw into hole and cut out.

Step 5: Mark position of mixer tap by drawing around base. Repeat Step 4 to cut out a smaller circle, or use a drill fitted with a hole saw bit.

Step 6: Lightly sand unit with a power sander or by hand with a sanding block, progressing from medium- to fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 7: Using a paintbrush, coat entire unit in Feast Watson Black Japan. Leave to dry.

Step 8: Measure and cut a backing piece from 3mm plywood. Secure in position with panel pins. Call a plumber to connect your new vanity.

Recycled Bathroom Vanity

Recycled Bathroom Vanity

What easy steps, now you have got a beautiful timber bathroom vanity and it is your time to say good bye to your outdated bathroom. You can tell your friends how to make a bathroom vanity and they will have no chance to have an outdated bathroom.

Recycled Bathroom Vanity , How to Make a Bathroom Vanity? In  Category
Making Your Own Rustic Vanity , How to Make a Bathroom Vanity? In  Category

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