Functional Shower Corner Shelves

If you wanted to add storage space in your shower area, then consider to have shower corner shelves. Shower corner shelves can provide extra storage space for soaps, conditioners or other shower supplies. You can install a corner shower shelf in the same color as your shower walls, or in a contrasting color if that better matches your decor.  Shower corner shelves ring an aesthetic enhancement to the bathroom that can make a significant contribution to bathroom decor.

Useful Shower Corner Shelves

What options are there for shower corner shelves? You can find quite a variety of designs for corner storage in the shower stall; from a single wall shelf in marble to a tension pole shower caddy that reaches the ceiling; from a single wire basket to a multi tier brass shower rack with chrome or satin nickel finish. You can even made it with marble tile. Then, the first thing to consider is how much you wish to keep handy for while you and your partner or family need in the shower; if you have children who use your shower, then the variety and volume of items you have to store will be greater. The tension pole corner caddies can usually accommodate most family needs for storage adjacent to the showerhead, while a single marble shelf is only suitable for a single adult or maybe couple. So, it is imperative that you think first exactly what your capacity needs are. Installing a single but costly marble shelf only to find it is not sufficient is something you want to avoid.

practical shower corner shelves

Practical Shower Corner Shelves

If you want to install shower corner shelves by yourself. Then, here are several ways for you. Firstly, use a speed square and pencil to mark cuts on the 8″ marble. Draw a line at a 45* angle from the corner to the back edge. From the back edge draw a line at a 45* angle back to the front. This should leave 16 inches along the finished front edge. Use a side grinder with a tile blade to cut the marble. Follow the lines. The finished product should have a right angle ( 90* ) at the rear. Cut all corner shelves now. Place the marble corner shelf against the wall tile to determine its placement. Do not worry if the angles are not exact. Trace the wall where the shelf is with a pencil. It is easiest if the bottom is on a grout joint.

functional shower corner shelves

Functional Shower Corner Shelves

good shower corner shelves

Good Shower Corner Shelves

shelving shower corner shelves

Shelving Shower Corner Shelves

Cut the tile with a side grinder on the pencil marks. Deep cuts will be needed in the corner. Use a hammer and screw driver to remove the cut tile. A sharp strike will be needed to break the uncut tile. Set a corner shelf in each hole to make sure they will fit. Make 1 cup of thinset per shelf. Make it the consistency of toothpaste. Push the mortar into the cut tile. Push the marble corner shelf into the wet thinset. Use a small level to make sure that there is slope away from the wall and into the shower. Use your finger to wipe off any left over mortar. Wipe the entire area with a damp sponge. All extra thinset needs to be removed before it dries. These were some ways to installing shower corner shelves. After all, all options of shower corner shelves are practical and functional for your bathroom.

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